First Rule of Scoundrels: do not risk what you can not afford to lose

A Rogue by Any Other Name - Sarah MacLean

I started this book awhile back (you may recall a post about vingt-et-un) and had to set it aside because of some issues in the prologue. But I went back to it the other day because I had forgotten the issue enough that it didn't annoy me as much. The rest of the book did not disappoint. Truly I think I am getting to like Sarah MacLean and her style. I'm not totally committed yet but so far I don't hate her.
Penelope Marbury is quite enjoyable as a character. I like her pluck. She isn't about to sit back and take whatever is thrown at her. She was known for being a perfect proper lady but soon discovered that shit was boring.


Though her marriage to the scoundrel Bourne is one of convenience, Penelope wants more. She wants excitement...adventure 

Bourne, a partner/owner of The Fallen Angel the most infamous gambling den in Underground London is in the business of revenge. Reminds me of someone...  


There isn't anything outstanding about him. He's just like every other brooding lord with a colorful past that does crappy things to the one he loves but secretly has a kind heart. MacLean's female characters are more likable than her male characters because they are not boring. The male characters are no different in my opinion from any of the other HR novels going back to Mr. "I'm the original HR hero" Darcy. The exception for MacLean is the third book in this series where neither of the MC are likable to me. Otherwise a solid enjoyable read.