Thoughts on Love with a Scandalous Lord

Love With a Scandalous Lord - Lorraine Heath

Another Lorraine Heath offering that is a solid 2.5 for me. I recently discovered her and have found her writing resonates with me. I like that her series are connected and that they are not too long. Oftentimes I find that I relate better to minor characters and wish that I had a chance to know more about them, so I am quite happy that Ms. Heath connects her series making the minor characters major players a new series.


This book features Lydia and Rhys. As a heroine, Lydia is just Mary Sue lite. She is sweet and innocent but she has hutzpah. She dreams of the gilt and glitter of London and a life away from boring Texas. I think for all her study of etiquette and wanting to live by the rules of English society, she sure tosses it aside when it suits her, toeing the line as much as she does. Rhys is your typical brooding lord with a dark past and a heart of gold. He says things like "It's because I love that I won't marry you" and the displays that kind of self-sacrificing love that makes you want to slap him for being stupid. If I'm being honest their love story was like the third or fourth cup of tea using the same tea bag from the first cup...very weak. Not much in the smut department but again not always a bad thing. I wasn't overly interested but wasn't completely uninterested. I wouldn't go so far to give it a "meh" though.