A Rant: I'm kinda over getting told....

that I am giving in to the pressure of the "gangster bullies" if I just happen to agree with their reviews. 


Or that the word gangster is evening coming out of the mouth of a 70 year old rich white woman. What does she know about gangsters or what it means to be in a gang?



My guess is next to nothing. I'm not even going to talk about the bully mess. IT irritates the hell out of me. This is pure madness and every word she speaks is ignorance and hypocrisy. Her claims to be a follower of Christ (not a Christian) are false based on her words and actions and show that she has no understanding of what a true follower of Christ is.



I think I'm going to create new shelves titled: The Khanh says no, Litchick won't let me, Nenia never lies,  etc. Cause clearly I don't know how to think for myself, wait maybe I should ask them if it's ok. Oh no! I don't know what to do! 



All this just needs to