I'm not sure that the title actually fits with the story.

Red-Headed Stepchild - Jaye Wells

Sabina Kane isn't a stepchild so not sure where that comes in but as a kick-ass heroine she's no Opie. I think I can like Sabina and her snark however, I'm not sure how I feel about the whole apple being the kryptonite for vampires in this world. I'm finding it hard to believe that vampires are a creature to be feared if my two year old can fight them off with the contents of her sippy cup. It's not even spelled or blessed, just a cup of straight up Mott's will bring agony to vampires. 


Adam the Mage seems to be interesting but I think I am getting over that star-crossed lover bit. At the same time, I'm glad that Sabina isn't always 

but at the same time I kind of wish she thought just a smidge more with them.



Also I don't know how she has kept herself from stabbing her witch of a grandmother through the years. The first time I met her I wanted to reach into the book, grab Sabina's gun and empty the clip of apple wood bullets into her chest. If I was Sabina at the end of the book, I would been like:


But still, the forbidden fruit as kryptonite: