Why am I always drawn to Pirates?

The Pirate Next Door -  Jennifer Ashley

I enjoyed this one. It was pretty fast-paced but not so much that it was confusing. I don't recall much in the way of things that cause eye-rolling, so that is good. After finishing this book, it occurred to me that I have quite a few pirate romances. I can't figure out why I am so drawn to them knowing that they are often filled with weak heroines and Rapey McRappertons. Maybe its the settings and not the characters or quite possibly some subconscious desire to sail the seven seas. I'm at a loss. I wouldn't say they were a guilty pleasure since I speak of them freely and don't feel the need to hide it. 


Perhaps all pirates are now Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow regardless of how they are described in the book



As far as this book, it was filled with pirates. Oh I remember one thing I did roll my eyes over was the fact that every guy the female MC encounters falls in love with her. She gets no less that 4 proposals and a proposition from 2 guys offering to share her between them (and not in a hot kind of menage way). The upside of that was her reactions to the proposals, they kind of annoyed her too. She was a good foil for the pirates in this book because she did not sit and wait to be rescued or stayed tucked away from dangerous situations. She wasn't afraid of her own voice and said what she thought needed to be said even if she was addressing a not entirely sane pirate captain.



Anyway, Drink up me 'earties. Yo ho!