Thoughts on To Marry an Heiress

To Marry an Heiress - Lorraine Heath

This second installment of the Daughters of Fortune series by Lorraine Heath was Hallmark/Lifetime in nature. It was middle of the road not great just ok. The Lead male Devon was arrogant, proud and also full of self loathing. The lead female Gina was orphan Annie grown up full of always half-full, sun will come up tomorrow sweetness. It was bittersweet really and surprisingly not annoying at all especially after you learn about the hard knock life that was her childhood. She didn't bore me but I wish Gina spoke up more. I wanted to see her give voice to that Texas fire that we only got hints of. In fact I found Devon to be the one I was most annoyed with. I kept wanting to send the check to his table for one at Pity Party Restaurant cause the kitchen was closing. Get over it already.

Another bonus we got to see though without much depth is the difference between the American mindset (work hard for your money) and the English aristocracy mindset ( don't work at all because your money is inherited and it is unseemly to sweat).   To Marry an Heiress (Avon Romantic Treasure) - Lorraine Heath - 2.5