Well it was ok.

No Good Duke Goes Unpunished - Sarah MacLean

So I picked this one up randomly thinking it would be a quick and easy read. I probably should have read Khanh's review before reading it. I didn't hate it as much but I agree with the problems in the story. I think that the main couple doesn't quite understand what it means to apologize for doing something unforgivable (heroine), or seek righteous vengeance for a wrong (male lead). I also wish that there wasn't a HEA because honestly there really shouldn't have been. Maybe it's too much to ask for a different theme other than "love conquers all" for this genre. I would love to have a HR story  that doesn't end with some variety of a fairy tale HEA.  


I was even more disappointed to see the author rate her own book 5 stars. That really irks me fierce. 


Also didn't realize this was third in the series. Not sure if I will read the first two. 


The only redeeming bit is the teaser in the epilogue for the 4th installment. It peaked my interest enough that I may go ahead and read the next book.