Review of The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

I'm going to be brief. I love/hate this book and John Green. I told him on Twitter last night, not that he cares. I'm still processing the happenings in this book though I thought I was prepared for it.


Now with the recent Anti-John Green media campaign, I may have the unpopular opinion and frankly, I don't care because this and that are different things to me. I'm not going to try to change your mind because I don't think it needs to be changed. It's not my place to tell you what to think or feel.


I went into this book with very little knowledge of who John Green is. I had no prior knowledge of any of his internet fame/infamy. My approach was simple: this was a book written by some guy and it seemed interesting enough for me to dedicate some of my precious time. 


Truth: I understood Hazel and Gus. Their thoughts, their morbid humor, and even their hovering mothers resonated with me. I understood because for a brief moment in my life I was them. Two years ago I received a diagnosis that changed my life just 2 weeks after it had already been changed by the birth of my beautiful daughter. You have Lupus they told me. I was given the statistics, the expected outcomes, the treatment options and alot of we can't really know for sure there is so much we still don't know. Please understand that Lupus is not the death sentence that Cancer is/can be at least not anymore. It is chronic but not terminal. Let me also be Clear that I am in no way comparing my experience with anyone who is or knows someone who is/has battling/battled Cancer. That being said two life changing events back to back would be difficult for most people to handle.  I won't go into the details now, maybe someday after my daughter becomes a famous K-pop idol and I release my memoirs about how I helped her get to the top. There was a lot of finger crossing, poking and prodding and other unpleasant things. All this plus a newborn waiting for me at home. How I manged to keep the depression at bay is a wonder to the psychologists who came to see me every other day after I may or may not have had a tantrum and told everyone to get the hell out of my room. 


Whatever your thoughts on John Green or even the book itself, I'm thankful to him for writing this book and reminding me of why I have much to be grateful for and the opportunity to share the humble thoughts I cannot be held responsible for cause you know...I have Lupus.  Also I lied about the brief part....