Cry in the Night

A Cry In The Night - Mary Higgins Clark This was read as a recommendation from a co-worker. Overall, I have to say that this book was predictable. I'm told that some people find comfort in the predictability of an author. Apparently, I'm not one of those people. I told another co-worker exactly how it would end when I hit page 15. I was not wrong. I found myself sighing quite a bit as I read this. I don't know why I even bothered to read it as I tend to stay away from books people claim are the "best book ever" or "couldn't put it down once I started". I think since the recommendation came from a non-reader, I thought it had to be somewhat good to entice them. Yeah...shoulda stuck with my gut. I've read later books by this author which I found to be enjoyable and am assuming that since this was an early book, it lacked the polish that comes with experience. Thoughts on main Characters (may contain spoilers):Jenny MacPartland Krueger- Hated her. Apparently the Feminist movement moved right on by her. I thought there would be more grit from her. Wrong! Completely clueless until it was too late. I hate her even more for getting so easily and quickly swept away by this stranger when she has two young children to think about. She's a New Yorker for goodness sake. Where is that New York cynicism? Erich [Ted Bundy] Krueger- Is it any coincidence that his name is also the name of a famous Horror icon? I'm surprised that his farm wasn't on Elm Street. Like the famous serial killer, he was polished, polite and "such a nice man" (read: rich).It basically comes down to this. Krueger Farm = Bates Motel