2015 Reading Challenges..(yes I know it's the middle of February) also a very long post.

To get through my usual slumps I usually put a bunch of titles in a jar and pick one. One of my co-workers noticed me cutting paper and throwing it into a jar. Naturally, he asked why and I explained the reading slump and solution. USUALLY people say oh thats interesting and move along. This guy proceeds to assist me in the process and then suggests ways to improve the selection process. What follows is the end result:


O.P. ’s Awesome F***ing Rules for Reading Challenge 2015- Gamer edition!


You have 8 title slots to choose from at a time and titles cannot be chosen by participant. 


There are bonuses and penalties mixed among the entries. If chosen, bonuses may be used or banked for later. Penalties apply immediately.


Breaking Dawn Phenomenon - If the Breaking Dawn slip is chosen, the participant may replace it with another book within the jar. That book takes on the Breaking Dawn attributes and if chosen will be replaced with another book, etc. BDP is not affected by Phoenix Rising. 


The Reaping - If a title selected is not currently published, it may be replaced by another book but the unpublished title must be exiled to the Dead Title Jar.


Phoenix Rising- Can be used to redraw another title or to revive a dead title (limit 6 per challenge)


The Boo-Boo Sticker- A reaped title can be revived only if a non-fiction book is read.


The Burn Notice- If a book is DNF’d, another title is discarded from the jar chosen at random (NJ’s Clause)





Breaking Dawn Phenomenon- Breaking Dawn somehow ended up on a list I was using (thanks Goodreads). I was going to toss it out but O.P decided it could be used. Since I have already read BD, I could reread it or choose another book instead. However, that replaced book's slip would go back into the jar as the new BD and if chosen I would have to reread or replace it and the new book would be the BD and so on and so forth. 



The idea of this challenge is to read as many titles as I can in the year. So having to reread titles takes up time and available slots. Since I can only work with 8 at a time having one of those slots filled by a reread would be problematic.


The Reaping and Phoenix Rising- Any of the chosen 8 titles can be reaped or removed from a slot however it no longer is available to read during this challenge and goes to the Dead title jar. It can be revived if a Phoneix rising bonus is drawn and placed back in the jar to be reselected. A Phoenix Rising bonus can also be used to swap a title with no additional penalty or can be banked for later use. 


Rationalization- this is useful in instances when a title drawn is not yet published and won't be for quite a while. Once a title is drawn it occupies a slot and having an unreadable title is even worse than having a reread title. 


The Boo Boo Sticker- My daughter calls Band-aids Boo-Boo stickers. Band-aids are temporary fixes for Boo-Boos. The Boo Boo sticker clause will temporarily revive a dead title if a non fiction book is read.  Once the NF book is complete, the title can go back into the jar for re-selection. 


Rationalization: Since there are a limited amount of Phoenix Rising bonuses available, this helps solve the problem of titles in the Dead title jar. It also forces me to read more non-fiction which is something I'm always trying to do. A bit of self-improvement so to speak.


The Burn Notice- Sometimes we have books that we thought were going to be great but turn out not to be. Once upon a time, I used to read all books to completion. Then the fairy tale ended and I realized it was ok to not finish a book I wasn't enjoying. I call it The DNFakening (DNF Awakening). This is a penalty. It forces me to think carefully about whether or not I truly can't stand the book or if it is just a minor part that I disagree with and would miss out on an otherwise decent read. DNFing a book causes me to sacrifice another title, a chance to find a new good read in this challenge. This almost happened with Mating Instinct...and I think it speaks for itself



And there you have it. My reading challenge for the year which will be monitored by my dear co-workers. And they are keeping track and holding me accountable.