Mating Instinct not really feeling it

Mating Instinct - Katie Reus

This one wasn't working for me and normally I wouldn't have wasted my time but I'm reading this for a challenge that has very specific rules. Am I crazy for following these rules? Probably. But that's what makes it fun! 


Characters: Katrina Saburova and Jayce Kazan.  


Kat: I know that horrible things happened to Kat in Book Two of this series. It was awful and should never happen to anyone. I know this. But I was having a hard time feeling sorry for her. I needed her to get off the poor me train and was ok with her transfer to revenge express as long as it was conducted by her Alpha Conner and Jayce. I was constantly worried that something bad would happen to the pack (especially pregnant December) because of her actions. It made me not really want to finish reading this book because Kat was quickly pulling into the TSTL depot.



Her issues with Jayce also had my teeth on edge but it was probably because of the previous behavioral problem. I honestly can't talk about her relationship issues with Jayce....speaking of



Jayce: Lone wolf bad ass dude.Barely keeping the beast contained. Alpha Male Poster boy.


Very cavemanish...Woman mine Ugh.   Jayce fell flat for me as a character. Not alot of depth. I was hoping for more back story on him after all it is his love story.


Things I liked: APL guys get theirs.



Leila the teenage hacker shifter.



Vivian the feline shifter:




Fletcher escaped with his pregnant mate. I really had my fingers crossed on that and am grateful to Kat for her help with that situation

(for details)



Things I didn't like: I didn't like the disconnect with the Armstrong-Cordova pack...In the previous two books you got pack family life what it means to be part of the pack. Thinking about it now, it's probably one of the reasons I didn't like Kat because of her subconscious rejection of her pack, its rules and members. Even though Kat is a pack member it didn't feel like the pack was even there or a part of the story. It felt like Kat had moved to another town and a few of the pack members had come to visit or something. 


 Overall: It was ok but I wouldn't give it a solid ok. 1.5 would be my rating for the main characters but I am upping it for supporting character pinch hitters. I may continue with the series but am undecided at this point. 


If you are not one of those people who feel compelled to complete a series...I would recommend books 1 and 2.