The Outcasts by Kathleen Kent- some thoughts

The Outcasts - Kathleen Kent

I am giving this read a 3 star overall rating only because when I closed the book I had no unsatisfactory feelings.


I was originally drawn to this title because of the cover. I really wanted to know whether a gun was a necessary accessory for that particular dress. Then I read the synopsis...pirate gold, Texas Rangers, 19th century houses of ill-repute...all the makings of an intriguing adventure story.


Well, I struggled through the beginning it was soooo slow. There was alot of information being dropped like a trail of bread crumbs. However, I wouldn't go so far as to call it an "info dump". The story is told from 2 view points Nate and Lucinda alternating chapter to chapter, which can be a little confusing and stilted. At first I was expecting some kind of romance to blossom between the two but then was trying to figure out when their paths would even cross. It wasn't until just past the half way mark that things started to pick up pace. Pieces started connecting and all the clues in the beginning finally began to make sense. The further I read, more revelations occurred, and the stronger my desire to know what happens in the end grew. Definitely glad I stuck it out.