The Ideal Wife is An unlikely Countess

The Ideal Wife - Mary Balogh An Unlikely Countess - Jo Beverley

The ideal wife is ME. Kidding I'm far from it. So is the main lead Abigail according to the checklist of attributes Miles the lead man creates. This was a cute middle of the road story. Nothing too exciting and nothing too boring. I found myself smiling alot while reading this, a nice change of pace from the feels filled Fault in Our Stars. The main lead Abby reminded me of a good friend. Sweet and generous, but not afraid to speak up. Always wanting to help those in need. Maybe that's why I smiled. I think I liked that there was laughter in this book. Not slap stick funny haha but the kind of laughter that comes because you are happy and you know not to take yourself seriously. I liked that the lead male wasn't a stuffy shirt jerk because Abby wouldn't let him be. The Ideal Wife - Mary Balogh - 3 stars


Unfortunately An Unlikely Countess is originally gave it 3 stars but didn't review so I'm guessing I like it enough to give it a 3 but not enough to review. I had to go back and read a few lines to jar my memory, so this book didn't leave that much of an impression. One thing I think I remember is that it felt dragged out. I remember getting to a point and thinking this is the end but then realize there was a couple of chapters left. This book had a case of the if onlys. If only the author had ended it here.... Anyway I give it an ok. AN Unlikely Countess: A Novel of the Malloren World - Jo Beverley - 2.5 stars