Big Sky Boring...I mean Wedding

Big Sky Wedding - Linda Lael Miller

I'm not an avid reader of the cowboy romance theme, but I've read one or two that were infinitely better than this installment from the "First Lady of the West".


It's not that it was horrible, it was just:

Yeah right there with you, D.

About this time you may be asking what went wrong. We had a working formula, known to produce satisfactory results.

Sexy cowboy + pretty country girl + wranglers + horses =

Well that didn't happen.



The MC spent more time with their families than with each other. I kept checking the back cover to verify who the main characters were. Also there were too many cowboyisms e.g. "her heart raced like an overenthusiastic Thoroughbred busting through the starting gate ahead of the gun". Annoying.


The worst thing about this book was the misleading title. IT says clear as day Big Sky WEDDING...The wedding was in the Epilogue. The Epilogue people! WTF. 


I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads