Fallen - Lauren Kate I'm not sure what all the hype was about to be honest. For two thirds of the book I was completely bored. It was a sad slow story about a girl who sees shadows, has serious issues with keeping a boyfriend and is strangely drawn to a guy who treats her like a Katy Perry song. I kept asking myself when am I going to get to the good part. The last third of the story finally got interesting but it was like cramming for a final exam when you haven't paid attention all year; too much to take in all at once. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I spent less time suffering through Luce's Pity Party and more time on other characters PoVs. The storyline IMO needed to have better structure. It was like the author(no offense) got lost along the way and then all of a sudden realized that she needed to wrap it up. Like going on vacation and waiting to go sight-seeing until an hour before your flight back home. Perhaps the next book will fair better.